Prescription Gardens (Detail of the Feeling Tone Garden)

Viewers call a hotline to listen to guided meditation inspired by plants that treat greed, aversion, and delusion. Image shows the “Feeling Tone Garden” which serves as a starting point to understand how you feel. Soil represented the foundation of feeling. The greed, aversion, and delusion garden contained specific plants to treat each psychological state.

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Garden of GREED



Bad is a simple term to generalize a very complex array of emotions that color how we feel.

Once we recognize that we feel bad to some degree, we can begin to elaborate on what form of bad is being felt.

The three poisons from Buddhism are greed, aversion, and delusion.

Take a minute to assess what your “bad” feeling truly is.

If you scanned your body, can you identify the location of where “bad” is located.

Is it in the heart?

The gut?

The hips?

The mind?

Pick a place if you can.

Focus your attention on this sensation in its physical form.

Is it a tightness? A dull ache? A churning?

Stay with it and try not to judge it.

Consider the three poisons again: are you feeling greed, anger, or aversion?

Maybe its not one, but all three.

These mind states are unpleasant when they go unnoticed.

The physical sensation is your body’s alarm system.

The churning of the gut, tightness in the shoulder, are signaling the brain there is emotional suffering in the heart.

Lets tend to it.

Send a breath to the physical sensation.

Invite it to release as you exhale.

Welcome the suffering rather than resist it.

More resistance causes more pain.

Do your best to be near the physical sensation.

Offer your breath as a gift, not to make it go away, but as food for a starved ache.

exhale out and invite it to release.


The antidote for greed is generosity.
For aversion, compassion.
For delusion, equanimity.

Address your physical sensation with the antidote.

Give your body compassion.

Be generous with the time you spend caring for it.

Be with the difficult without blaming the body for aging, being weak, being afraid.


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