The dodecahedron is a 12-sided form found in sacred geometry. It is one of the 5 platonic solids. The dodecahedron is the representative shape of the universe and spirituality. Often it is used to assist deeper levels of meditation. For my structure, I built the form 10 feet tall to give the sense of a cathedral like scale. The widest part of the dodecahedron is about heart level, allowing the space to open and exaggerate the scale. The windows are customized triangles, again to suggest a cathedral without pulling directly from a religious context.

In the summer of 2014 I built a dodecahedron at the Black Dog Hill Shelter for battered women with the assistance of Alyssa Pittman and the generous support of the Jerome Foundation’s Emerging Artist Project Grant.

Initially, the Cultivation Sanctuary was proposed as a greenhouse and meditation space. Throughout the construction it became apparent the space should focus on the meditation space and double as housing for gardening supplies. The Dodecahedron is nestled discretely behind the shelter, out of site from the road and the house. It faces an open field where a future garden will be planted.



  While building the structure, I had the great honor of working with a family and training a very talented 12 year old on the basics of woodworking. This was by far the most rewarding element of the project. The young lady would eagerly meet us in the field ready to pound nails each day. We introduced her to many power tools and at the completion of the project we had her design the play platforms with a jig saw. It was clear how her confidence was built alongside the structure and she happily explained to her new schoolmates that she built a dodecahedron this summer.